Early on I  wanted to become  an psychiatrist and psychotherapist in my hometown Mönchengladbach.  


I made a note on that idea,though my life in general and especially the medical school opened many ways for me. In 1994 I started.

For me nothing is better as to see  the recovery of apparently broken, wounded,hurted,depressed, confused, anxious,addicted peolpe step by step, as i expirienced often. I strive to be really present and ever-curious about your life in all its facets. I look forward to understanding, together with you, your current dilemmas, your strengths and interests, your relationships, life history, dreams and visions of yourself and the world. I very much enjoy the process of therapy and truly understanding and helping another person overcome obstacles - this is the reason I went into psychiatry.

I specialize in depth psychotherapy, and use a variety of disciplines, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, solutions-focused therapy, im trained a little in interpersonal therapy and i´m very experienced and informed about the whole spectrum of medication management therapy. I also have special interests in treatment of addicted person, adjustment disturbances and in image-work for my profession.

Therapy can last from a few months to a few years. Sometimes, results can even be achieved in just a few sessions. It may take a few sessions to know if we’re a good fit.

I certainly feel my training has exposed me to an extraordinary breadth of life’s challenges, and an exceptional variety of people. As an M.D., I am well versed in all dimensions of health, disease and personality - biological, psychological, social, cultural and sicio-political.. I can work with you on all these levels, and discover the optimal avenues to help you. Finally, I can order lab tests and consult with specialists as needed, as well as prescribe medications when indicated.