Dr. med. Jürgen Vieten
since 1987 doctor of medicine

specialisation for psychiatry 1991, for - psychotherapy 1994 and for the higher follow-up graduation (so-called in germany psychiatry and
psychotherapy) 1995

- EEG-certification 1994

-addiction medicine since 1999

-social psychiatry since 2001

-1-year-education for collegues to become specialist

-medical examiner for addicted or addiction-threated collegues

further specialisation and special knowledges

addiction medicine, psychiatry of the eldery ,sleeping problems,personality problems, reading of science journals and papers, continuing visites of national and international congresses (e.g. the annual DGPPN-congress in Berlin,  often  present at the annual APA congress, currently New Orleans 2010), publishing a lot of popular articles in wide-spreading newspapers (see "Publications"), interviews in radio and televisions, books-contributions for nurses, initiating of an advanced training (see "psychiatrie-colloquium") therapies in english!

doctor office
since 1994 doctor office,since 1999 in cooperation with psychological offices from E. Linke-Vieten

advanced training
see "further specialisation"

In additional, I`ve long-term-experience in diagnosis and treatment of all kind of psychic disturbances, e.g. depressions, obsessions, phobic and anxiety illnesses, stress-induced disturbances,schizophrenia, dementia, addiction, "neurosis", all kind of eating disorders, maintainance therapy of heroine-addicted persons with methadone,polamidone, buprenorphine or Suboxone

Member in following occupation and condition organizations:

  • German society for biological ones Psychiatry (DGBP)

  • German society for addiction research and addiction therapy registered association (DGS)

  • American Psychiatry Association (APA)

  • German society for psychiatry, Psychotherapie and nerve medicine (DGPPN)

  • MENSA e.V.

  • German society obsession (GGZ)

  • German society for neurophysiology

Far commitments:
Politics: between  2004 and 2007 one of two district representatives of the largest city district “city center” for the FDP

Since 2001:
Joint founder, 1. and in the meantime 2. chairmen of the citizens'
initiative ERWIN (iron Rhine west initiative), which uses itself against the reactivation of one completely overaged train connection between the ports in Antwerpen, Belgium and Duisburg, germany. Our initiative was distinguished with the “price for civil civil courage”.

Since 2007:

member of leaderboard of the doctors network KIM ( www.kim-aerztenetz.de, which encloses more than 100 doctor offices, responsible for the public relations

member of the leaderboard of the high-traditional society "Erholung" ,Mönchengladbach (www.erholung-mg.de) , responsible for the public relations and offers for the younger adults

Since 1997

Initiator of the Mönchengladbacher Psychiatrie-Kolloquium (see "Kolloquium" here)