I engage myself publicly for the anti-stigma-campain of psychiaty diseases and the better information about those diseases. For this I organize whenever my time permit the "Mönchengladbacher Psychiatrie-Kolloquium“, that 2009 took place to the 11.th time. Joined by press and public, Prof. Stoppe, Basel , Prof. Förstl, München and Dr. Zimmer, an an official from the doctor`s society,reported new scientific results and discussed some important ethic and moralic issues about treatment and care-taking for patients, who suffered by Alzheimer-disease ,with the qualified auditory.

2007 under large sympathy of the local media as well, the professors  Gaebel, Duesseldorf,  Maier, Bonn,  and Dr. Ruhrmann, Köln, spoke to the topic „early recognition of the schizophrenia“. This in this form unique meeting was moderated by the country-wide known TV-host Ulrike von der Groeben. The target group (teacher, parents, educator, psychologist) were present multiple in the public of the sold off main hall in Moenchengladbach.

Also in the past years famous colleagues, partly by the media promoted, supported me in my engagement:
Professor Bandelow, Fritze, Haan, Mann
doctors: Dorn, Heyer, Kötter, Kreutz, Schober, Shahin, Wirtz
psychologists: Junker, Linke-Vieten, Richter

Topics were among other things: Fear and panic disturbances, depression, dementia, alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, sleep disturbances, SSRI `s (medicines against depressions)





Psychiatrie-Kolloquium- press review